~~~ Gen. Supt's OfficE ~~~


Greetings and welcome to Comstock Carshops
Purveyors of Unique Model Railroad Supplies.

While your train lays over for wood & water, might we suggest that you take a short respite from your journey, switch on your sound, sit back and survey our site for some of the more simple and pleasurable things that life had to offer.

Imagine that your train has routed onto the wrong siding, a siding that will take you back in time to the heydays of old Virginia City Nevada, who knows, you may even opt to stay awhile! Gainful employment is not a problem, jobs for the industrious were plentiful there! How about something in the mining field, or perhaps working for the railroad would suit you! Maybe you could tend bar, or try dealing faro at any one of the many fine gaming establishments, that might just fill the bill nicely! In the past we have heard rumors that there were numerous firemen positions available, and it's quite possible that they still are! Indeed, be sure to check out all the finery and amenities that the town may afford you, such as the posh accommodations and clean working environments ~ enjoy fine dining, music and of course, a night at the opera house ~ indulge yourself in a little social parloring with the locals and make some new friends or foes. Oh yes, the bank & livery are just up the street and are always eager to oblige new clients!

Now then, enough said, our specialty is not that of the travel or tourist businesses. We are however, a new proprietorship, in the business of producing unique model railroad limited edition structure kits, accessories, and scenic supplies, referencing the mining and logging eras.  We hope that your stay with us will be an enjoyable one. In any event, before your train ventures to connecting points East or West, please sign our Passenger Itinerary as you route through the Wye and then visit our sister site: vtrr.org, via the V. & T.


Gen. Supt. & Staff